Microblading is the most advanced and NATURAL appearing permanent eyebrow method available! A manual microblading hand tool is used to create individual hair-like strokes one strand at a time. So precise that they look like real strands of eyebrow hair! Ultimately creating a natural appearance and perfect eyebrows! $550 - $50 nonrefundable deposit to book. $350 first appointment. $150 perfection appointment (1st touch-up). 

$250 annual color-boost/touch-up.

Cover-ups are $650 - $50 nonrefundable deposit to book. $450 first appointment, $150 second appointment.  (please contact me about cover-ups/corrections before booking.)

All color-boosts/touch-ups are $250. The initial procedure must be done by me.

Powdered Brows

A soft dusting of color throughout your eyebrows. Giving the appearance of a powder filled brow. $550 Includes 2 sessions & nonrefundable deposit.


Perfect eyeliner everyday. $550 full, $525 top or bottom

$150 yearly touch-up

Ombré LIPS

Lips start off darker around edges and fade gradually towards inner mouth. Also called "ombre lips." $575

$150 perfection appt.

$250 annually 

eyelash enhancement

A super fine line amongst your eyelashes creating the appearance of fuller, darker lashes. $500 

$150 yearly touch-up


Solid, pigment packed beautiful lips! $550

$150 perfection appt.

$250 annually 

LIP tint/aquarelle

A soft blush of color to your lips. Fades to a beautiful tint that appears sheer and most natural. Also known as "watercolor lips" or "lip blushing." $550

$150 perfection appt.

$250 annually 

Lip Liner

Outlining of the natural lip line. $450

$150 perfection appt.

$250 annually 

Blended Lip Liner

A blended lip line around your lips. Similar to a lip liner but softer, more subtle and blended. $450

$150 perfection appt.

$250 annually 


NON-LASER Tattoo saline removal - $250 per session. A safer way to remove old pigment/ink. May take several sessions depending on the saturation level & pigment/ink used.


Tia Marie is a certified permanent cosmetic artist specializing in realistic permanent makeup. She has been setting and exceeding industry standards by becoming certified in advanced procedures by top artists from around the world. Additional specialized certifications include microblading (one of the first microbladers in Arizona!), lip blushing, eyeliner, color theory and saline tattoo removal. She is certified and up-to-date in all proper sterilization and blood-borne pathogens, meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) requirements. Tia Marie is passionate in her work and attention to detail. 

By Appointment Only. 

Serving the Greater Phoenix Area


Tel: 480-544-6671

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